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In order to make customers better understand our electric switches, we can offer switch samples, at a cost of freight charge. We can also offer product catalogue, CD and samples to our distributors.
After receiving customers' orders, we reply customers in three workdays regarding the delivery date. Generally, we can deliver goods in 20-35 days, varying with order quantity.
We have specialized service personnel to help clients solve any problem after sales. We also make improvements on our wall switch, light switch and switch sockets, etc. according to users' feedbacks. So, if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to tell us.
In addition to standard switches, we can also design and manufacture our products according to clients' requirements. OEM and ODM services are also available here.

Main Products
    1. Europe Light Switch (HC)HC Europe light switch is designed in line with CE standard. It has super slim body, high quality and is suitable for European countries.
      It is available in variety ...
    1. Wall Switch (I)I series wall switch is characterized by its simple and clear appearance design.
      A light green fluorescent lamp on a snow-white faceplate make the wall switch look aesthetical due to the ...
    1. South American Light Switch (HA) HA South American light switch is manufactured in line with INMETRO standard. Modular design allows users to satisfy their DIY dreams.
      The faceplate is made using...
    1. Europe Electric Switch (HC)It is available in variety of types, such as dimmer switch, fan regulator, and socket switches for TV, telephone and PC, etc.
      PC and ABS faceplates are available for customers to ...
    1. British Electric Switch (HB)The switch is available in variety of types, such as dimmer, fan regulator, TV socket, Telephone switch, and more.
      With snow-white color, the British light switch can well ...
Company Brief : Founded in 2002, Jinlangye Electric Company Ltd. is an electrical switch manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce the Euro standard, British standard and South American standard wall switch, light switch, electric switch, wall switch socket products, and many other types of related electrical components. In addition to our usual products, we can also design and manufacture electrical switches and related electrical devices according to customers' specific demands.