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Wall Switch (E)

1. E series wall switch is available with two types of front panels. One comes with stainless steel external panel frame and PC inner frame, and the other is wholly made of PC.
2. With round corner and fashionable external design, the wall switch looks aesthetical and can well match with your room design.
3. The front panel color is available in champagne, silver, red, green and more customizable colors.
4. The socket elements are made of high quality tin-phosphor bronze, offering reliable electric conductivity.
5. Faceplate size: 86*86mm, installation size: 60*60mm

Technical Specifications of Wall Switch (E)

E Series
Picture Model No. Description Specification Packing (Pcs/box/ctn)
1 gang 1-way light switch, 1 gang 2-way light switch
Wall Switch (F) LY1-1 (E) 1-gang 1-way switch 16A 250V~ 10pcs/box 100pcs/carton
LY1-2 (E) 1-gang 2-way switch 16A 250V~
2 gang 1-way light switch, 2 gang 2-way light switch
Wall Switch (F) LY2-1 (E) 2-gang 1-way switch 16A 250V~ 
LY2-2 (E) 2-gang 2-way switch 16A 250V~
3 gang 1-way light switch, 3 gang 2-way light switch
Wall Switch (F) LY3-1 (E) 3-gang 1-way switch 16A 250V~
LY3-2 (E) 3-gang 2-way switch 16A 250V~
4 gang 1-way light switch, 4 gang 2-way light switch
Wall Switch (F) LY4-1 (E) 4-gang 1-way switch 16A 250V~ 
LY4-2 (E) 4-gang 2-way switch 16A 250V~ 
Other Light Switches and Wall Sockets
Wall Switch (F) LYS1-1-16 (E) 16A three-pin switch socket 16A 250V~
LYS1-2-16 (E) 16A three-pin switch socket 16A 250V~
Wall Switch (F) LYUS1-1 (E) Two-pin universal & three-pin switch socket 10A 250V~
LYUS1-2(E) Two-pin universal & three-pin switch socket 10A 250V~
Wall Switch (F) LYS -16 (E) Three-pin socket 16A 16A 250V
Wall Switch (F) LYUS(E) Two-pin universal & three-pin socket 10A 250V~
Wall Switch (F) LYC (E) American Standard Telephone Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYCC (E) American Standard Double Telephone Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYL (E) Single Data Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYLL (E) Twin Data Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYV (E) Single TV Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYVV (E) Twin TV Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYCL (E) Telephone & Data Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYVL (E) TV/Data Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYVC (E) TV/Telephone Socket
Wall Switch (F) LYG-250 (E) Dimmer switch 250W 250V~ 8 pcs/ box 80pcs/carton
LYG-400 (E) 400W 250V~
Wall Switch (F) LYT-250 (E) Fan regulator 250W 250V~
LYT-400 (E) 400W 250V~
Wall Switch (F) LYM1 (E) Touch Sensor Switch 100W 250V~ 10 pcs/ box 100pcs/carton
Wall Switch (F) LYN1 (E) Sound-light control Switch 100W 250V~
Wall Switch (F) LYR1 (E)  Bell Switch 16A 250V~
Wall Switch (F) LYE(E) Hotel Card Switch [time delay] 16A 250V~ 8 pcs/ box 80pcs/carton
Wall Switch (F) LYB(E) Blank Frame 18 pcs/ box 180pcs/carton
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