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    1. Europe Light Switch (HC)HC Europe light switch is designed in line with CE standard. It has super slim body, high quality and is suitable for European countries.
      It is available in variety of types, such as dimmer switch, fan regulator, and socket switches for TV, telephone and PC, etc...
    1. British Light Switch (HB)Our HB British light switch is manufactured in line with BSI standard, and has fashionable design. It is ideal for use in Britain and any occasion requiring a British switch.
      It has a PC faceplate. The contact is made of silver alloy, and socket elements are made of tin-phosphate bronze strips, which assures good electric conductivity...
    1. South American Light Switch (HA) HA South American light switch is manufactured in line with INMETRO standard. Modular design allows users to satisfy their DIY dreams.
      The faceplate is made using UV resistant ABS material.
      No screws are needed for installation. High quality and safe to use...
    1. Light Switch (N) The faceplate of the light switch is made of high quality PC material, and the socket elements are made using superior copper material to ensure good conductivity.
      Faceplate size: 120*73mm, installation hole: 84.4mm
      Suitable for Europe and South American market...
    1. Light Switch (M) Linear external frame design makes the light switch aesthetical.
      Typical color combination: white and black, or white and gray. Hence, the light switch can well match with your building design...
    1. Light Switch (L)The L series light switch is designed with a arc-shaped body with smooth surfaces.
      It has enlarged 4mm copper terminals which ensures easy wire connection. The anti-off screws ensure safe use.
      The switch lifetime is up to 40,000 times, and the socket lifetime is up to 10,000 times.
      Faceplate size: 120*73mm, installation hole: 84.4mm...
    1. Light Switch (J)Flat and super slim body design makes the light switch very space-saving.
      The frame color is customizable.
      Modular design allows users to achieve a DIY light switch.
      Faceplate size: 118*73mm, installation hole size: 82.5mm...
    1. Light Switch (I)A light green fluorescent lamp on a snow-white faceplate make the light switch look aesthetical due to the harmonious color match.
      Modular design allows user to achieve a DIY switch.
      With a PC faceplate and high strength steel back plate...
    1. Light Switch (H)The light switch comes with streamlined external design. This, coupled with a colorful smaller inner frame, makes the switch aesthetical.
      The color of the inner frame can be changed according to customers' demands.
      Faceplate size: 118*73mm, installation hole size: 82.5mm
    1. Light Switch (G)As shown in the pictures, the G series light switch is distinct due to its classic design of stainless steel brush front panel and PC frame.
      Its flat and slim body design allows itself to well match with your house design.
      Faceplate size: 86*86mm, installation size: 60*60mm
    1. Light Switch (F)The F series light switch has a flat and slim body, so it is space saving and aesthetical.
      It is a combination of an external frame and internal frame. A green color fluorescent strip is available to indicate its position at night.
      Faceplate size: 86*86mm, installation size: 60*60mm...
    1. Light Switch (E)E series light switch is available with two types of front panels. One comes with stainless steel external panel frame and PC inner frame, and the other is wholly made of PC.
      With round corner and fashionable external design, the light switch looks aesthetical and can well match with your room design...
    1. Light Switch (B)The switch is easy for installation and detachment as it can be easily installed using clips.
      The front plate is made using Germany Bayer's PC material, offering high elasticity, high strength, good fire retardant property, high surface smoothness and good anti-static property. In addition, it is dustproof and UV resistant. This extends the service life of our light switches...

Light Switch

1. International advanced 3D software is utilized in our cutting-edge light switch design, and a highly precise mold CNC forming machine ensures the complete uniformity of all of our switches. Our focus on every detail helps ensure reliable product quality.
2. The front panel of our light switch is composed of PC materials from Germany's Bayer, which offer high elasticity, strength, fire resistance, smooth surface, and are anti-static. In addition, they are dustproof and UV resistant.
3. The back panel of the light switch is made of Dupont nylon that is strong and tensile, offering superior insulation performance and excellent resistance to high temperatures. Its long lasting durability offers protection for inner structures and elements and ensures safety.
4. The switch contact is composed of silver alloy, offering wear resistance and good conductivity. With a strong arc extinction capability, the contact allows the light switch to be used over 80,000 times.
5. Our switch sockets are designed with a safety guard device, which prevents a monopole plug in, thus preventing electric shock accidents and ensuring safety. Internal elements are made using tin-phosphate bronze strips, offering high flexibility and conductivity. The light socket can be used over 10,000 times.
6. Our light switches are designed with uniquely structured, movable contact springs, which are highly mobile and easy to use, allowing the light switch to function normally at varying current load conditions.
7. All materials used in the production of our light switch have passed 850℃ fire retardant test, so they help ensure the safety of our products.
8. These switches are applicable for use at home, in civil engineering projects, hotels, office buildings, etc.

Jinlangye is a professional light switch manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including a European light switch, British electric switch, South American wall switch, wall switch socket, and many other related products.

Company Brief : Founded in 2002, Jinlangye Electric Company Ltd. is an electrical switch manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce the Euro standard, British standard and South American standard wall switch, light switch, electric switch, wall switch socket products, and many other types of related electrical components. In addition to our usual products, we can also design and manufacture electrical switches and related electrical devices according to customers' specific demands.